Information Communication Technology

Prince William County is where the largest data center market in North America meets world-class fiber, internet connectivity, and an unmatched IT workforce.

This infrastructure places Prince William County at the epicenter of the big data and analytics industry cluster as it is critical to manipulating large amounts of data required by the big data industry and is particularly useful in defense and intelligence gathering, cybersecurity, scientific research, financial services, weather forecasting, and health care.

In 2017, 3,927 people representing 565 businesses were employed in this sector, with an average earnings of $108,362.


Industry Spotlight

Data Centers

Data centers operating in Prince William County benefit from densely packed fiber backbones and a massive network of data centers that currently move an estimated 70% of the world’s internet traffic daily, as well as an advantageous cost environment centered on a competitive tax rate, affordable and abundant electricity with rapidly expanding renewable power options, and competitive construction costs. 

Trevor Johnson
Marketing Director